Video: Dr Martyn Davies on Nigerian Elections 2015

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By Rodney Weidemann, 30.03.2015

Nigeria leads the African growth story

By CNBC Africa, 12.02.2015

China's boom a boon for SA workers

By Ann Crotty, 08.02.2015


Frontier Advisory is a research, strategy and investment advisory firm that assists clients to improve their competitiveness in emerging market economies.

At Frontier Advisory, we work with the leadership of clients in the private sector, public sector and non-governmental space to deepen their understanding and ability to succeed in frontier & emerging markets.

Our strategic positioning and networks reside in the expanding collaboration between emerging market economies and the African continent.

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The Annual Frontier & Emerging Markets Forum

15 April 2015; IDC, Sandton, Johannesburg, 08h30-16h00

The last few years have seen erratic economic times for the emerging market world. Commodity-driven economies are facing many growth headwinds but their highly populated consumer markets remain attractive to multinationals and investment. China’s growth remains robust, albeit slowing. India is reforming itself and may emerge as one of the world’s fastest growing economies in 2016 and is likely to surpass China’s GDP growth rate. Brazil, Russia and South Africa require structural reforms to reinvigorate their growth performance. New emerging markets such as Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia and Vietnam are all rapidly emerging economies. Africa remains in many instances a frontier market where risk is high but which offers good yield and corporate profits. As companies globalize in search of growth and new markets, how should management and leaderships be looking at the emerging economic world in light of the changing global economy? How should South African and aspirant multinational firms pursue and capture emerging business opportunities in both trade and investment realms? How is risk and reward balanced? Are South African and international firms positioned effectively to expand their footprints in these new economies?

Join us at the Annual Frontier & Emerging Markets Forum along with leading business leaders and companies to discuss the outlook for Frontier & Emerging Markets for this year and beyond.





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 Frontier Forum: Africa's Changing Consumer Landscape, IDC, Johannesburg, 24 June 2015.

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