Video: Dr Martyn Davies on Outlook for Africa in 2014

The Africa Outlook 2015

By Frontier Advisory, 21.11.2014

The future of manufacturing in South Africa

By Kristy Jooste, 21.10.2014

Cape Town boosts SA consumer confidence

By IT Online, 29.10.2014


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Africa Outlook 2015

15 January 2015; IDC, Sandton, Johannesburg 09h00-16h00

Africa’s growth outlook continues to be robust despite rising headwinds for the continent’s economies. Africa has emerged as a frontier market driven by high commodity & oil prices, stable macro-economic environments, large investments from the BRIC economies and rising internal consumer spending. But growth headwinds are now coming to the fore - traditional export markets in Europe remain stagnant, China’s growth is slowing and the oil price is falling – both of which will negatively impact the growth outlook of Africa’s extractive industries-dominated economies. Security concerns have also risen in the past year. Is Africa a developmental challenge or a commercial opportunity? Regardless, South African and multinational companies continue to capture and consolidate their businesses in the region. Is business opportunity thus increasing or diminishing for firms seeking to enter and operate in the African business environment? Join the Frontier Advisory team at the Africa Outlook 2015 as we address the economic, political & governance prospects for Africa in 2015.

Joining us are leading companies and executives active in building businesses in Africa. Thursday the 15th of January, The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), 82 Grayston Drive, Sandton, Johannesburg, 09h00 – 16h00.




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