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Developing Talent for Africa Rising – The Imperative of Human Resources Development to build Companies and Countries in Africa

15 April 2014 Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), Grayston Drive, Sandton, Johannesburg 08h00-13h00

As South African and multinational firms expand their operations across the African region, their need for effective human resource development and talent for their businesses to succeed has become far more apparent. What is the correct balance between the imperative of talent localization whilst also retaining close links with the parent company through deployed expatriates? How should emerging multinationals in Africa be thinking & what should they be doing about local HR development? Are African institutions building talent and what is the role of universities and business schools toward training and developing African talent? What HR strategies are being put in place by companies to succeed in Africa’s emerging economies? Ultimately, Africa’s economic success can only be based on the foundation and development of its own talent resources.

Join us at the Africa Frontiers Forum to discuss how companies are developing their people to succeed in Africa, whilst also supporting the African growth narrative.



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South Africa - Looking Ahead to 2034 - 25 June 2014 at the IDC

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